2nd NIPN Global Gathering

The 2nd NIPN Global Gathering took place in Amsterdam on May 22-24, bringing together 62 participants from 8 NIPN countries, members of the Expert Advisory Group and representatives of the initiative’s donors.
A lot of progress was made over the past year in implementation of the NIPN operational cycle: seven countries are on track with fully operational NIPN teams, in which policy and data components are working together.
A massive amount of preparatory work has been done or is on-going in many of the NIPN countries, such as data landscapes, policy reviews, capacity strengthening, formulation of relevant policy questions, data analyses, engagement with policy makers…
The countries were therefore in the driver’s seat of this second Global Gathering, which was almost entirely organized and animated around a ‘body of experience’ showcased across fourteen presentations and group work sessions.
Exchanges and discussions led to concrete recommendations and possible actions for the coming years, both at country and global levels.