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Activity A: Preparation of a consultative workshop (5/7)

Note on the impact pathway models to be used for question formulation

Impact pathway models or a theory of change already adopted by the country to monitor the MPPA may be a good basis for triggering the discussion and preparing the workshop exercise.
These models will be particularly useful for identifying the intervention logics of the MPPA and the existence (or gaps) in indicators. However, the actual categorization chosen for the question formulation purpose and for the MPPA’s purpose may be slightly different.
In the absence of impact pathway models or a theory of change adopted to monitor the MPPA, impact pathways models of the REACH Compendium of Actions can serve as a good basis from which to start the exercise.

  • Unpack what is happening at the level of inputs and activities, filling in each level of the impact pathway based on the information from the MPPA.
  • Consider all the evidence available to inform on the degree of implementation of the MPPA.
  • Consider whether changes took place during the MPPA implementation period or in comparison with the period before, in terms of availability and quality of implementation, or intervention reach (all population) and coverage (target population) (voir étape 1, section 2.2).
  • Consider differences in interventions coverage and nutrition indicators of population groups (e.g. by income quintile, or rural/urban) and geographies.
    Refer to the examples 1 to 3 below.