Managing and analysing data

The six guidance notes in this section focus on the identification, management, quality assessment and analyses of available data, which are being shared by multiple sources in order to answer the nutrition policy questions formulated in the previous section.

The first guidance note describes the Data Landscape Exercise, which will provide the country with an overview of the availability, accessibility and quality of indicators that are of interest to the NIPN.
(Watch the GSF webinar on the NIPN Data Landscape - 16/01/19 - 40 min.).

The second section provides guidance on the Management of the Data, while the third one focuses on the Quality of the Data.

The fourth guidance note provides Principles and Guidance for Data Analysis, aiming to support the NIPN teams to identify or choose the appropriate type of analysis, pertinent to the nutrition policy questions and the data quality. It sets out the strengths and limitations of the NIPN platforms for different types of data analysis, which can also be found a in short synthetic note.

The fifth note is a tool which allows the rapid production of a Sub-national Nutrition Dashboard using a standard Excel spreadsheet template.
(Watch the GSF webinar on the NIPN Dashboard - 13/12/2018 - 45 min.)

The last section describes certain Analysis Tools and Methods that particularly fit the NIPN objectives.