Capacity strengthening in Ethiopia

Following an initial capacity need assessment workshop organised last autumn, the Ethiopian NIPN team has engaged in the process of reviewing the capacity development needs of 23 national institutions involved in nutrition policies, and ranging across ministries, universities and research institutes. The aim is to define the overall capacity strengthening strategy for improved nutrition monitoring, evaluation, research and decision making.
Meanwhile, capacity building activities are taking place: a training was jointly organised by EPHI and IFPRI to define the requirements for a data repository and learn from the process of data submission across actors. The general nutrition capacity is also being strengthened through the organisation of regular Nutrition Research and Policy Seminars co-organised under NIPN by EPHI & IFPRI. These events allow to engage with multisectoral decision makers and researchers on various nutrition topics: the last March event highlighted global evidence on the relationship between animal-sourced food and nutrition outcomes.