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Country case studies


  • The NIPN in Guatemala has been fully integrated into the national coordination structures for food security and nutrition.
  • A working committee of the existing Inter-sectoral Technical Committee (CTI), which was created by law, will perform the function of Multi-sectoral Advisory Committee.
  • This set-up not only ensures institutionalization of the MAC, but also its legitimacy and authority to create a data-driven policy dialogue and influence policy decisions.

Download the MAC Guatemala case study in pdf format.



  • Ethiopia has taken a dual approach to ensuring high-level multisectoral advise: it makes use of an existing committee and in addition will establish a dedicated NIPN Advisory Committee
  • Integrating the functions of a MAC into an existing coordination structure ensures its authority, strategic influence and sustainability.
  • At the same time, it allows the awareness and capacity building across all sectors with regard to the NIPN operational cycle

Download the MAC Ethiopia case study in pdf format.