Collaboration between NIPN & FIRST at country level

FIRST (Food and Nutrition Security Impact, Resilience, Sustainability and Transformation) is an initiative of the European Union, implemented by FAO, which provides assistance and capacity development support through a network of policy officers and technical experts. Currently, FIRST Policy Officers are working in seven out of the ten NIPN countries. In countries where FIRST and NIPN are both well established, such as in Ethiopia, Niger and Guatemala, the FIRST Policy Officer is already working closely with the NIPN Policy Advisor and potential linkages and areas of collaboration have been identified. For instance, the FIRST Officer is a member of the NIPN Multisectoral Advisory Committee (MAC), which is the body that links the NIPN core team with the national multisectoral nutrition coordination system. Other ways of collaboration can be envisaged such as the organisation of joint trainings and events as well as coordinated advocacy and support to ministries and other national partners.