NIPN dialogue

Dialogue is fundamental to the NIPN approach. NIPN does not rely on a linear series of steps taken by siloed groups. Rather, it is based on a series of ‘back and forth’ dialogue between groups who may not usually ‘speak’ to one another.
Dialogue between the policy component, concerned with high level policy and investment decisions about nutrition, and the data component, concerned with data management and analysis, drives the NIPN operational cycle of question-analysis-communication.
Dialogue between the NIPN country team and national stakeholders ensures that the policy demand for information is articulated and that the findings of data analyses are communicated in a clear and timely fashion.
The process of dialogue is continuous and means that the sub-steps of the NIPN operational cycle – for which guidance is provided in this toolkit – do not follow a prescribed sequence. These sub-steps, which are undertaken in a different order depending on the context, are shown in the animated visual and summarised in the table below.