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EXERCISE 3: Create a timeline of the multisectoral policies and plans

  • Display the implementation periods of the multi-sectoral policies, plans and programmes on one timeline.
  • Add complementary information on the context of implementation, as shown in the fictional country example below.

This chronogram can help to confirm the priorities of policy makers for the next 12-24 months and will help to identify possible windows of opportunity for influencing planning, formulation or evaluation cycles.

The fictional example below shows that policy makers in this country need information in 2018 on the progress of implementation of the Multi-sectoral Plan of Action, phase II, and the probability that the plan will achieve its targets by 2020. The absence of a mid-term evaluation makes this information need, which can be filled by NIPN, more acute.
With an upcoming political transition in 2019, the new policy makers will also need information regarding ‘implementation progress’ to inform the formulation of new policy by 2020.

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NOTE: The relationship between multi-sectoral and sectoral policies or plans can be presented visually in a similar way, to identify whether the latter could offer an entry point to strategically supporting multi-sectoral efforts.