Finalising and validating questions

  • STEP 4: Prioritise and validate questions


    • To finalise the priority ranking of policy-relevant questions, with appropriate justification and explanation regarding the priority questions that will be addressed by NIPN.
    • To obtain validation of this final priority ranking by the MAC, who will ensure transparent communication of these decisions to the broader set of stakeholders.


    • Activity A: Validation of the final priority list of questions by the MAC.


    • Document with final list of priority policy questions and justification.
  • Activity A: Validation of the final priority list of questions by the MAC

    In each of the three previous steps to formulate policy questions, criteria were applied to define the priority ranking of the questions. This final fourth step is important for formalising the decision on the priority ranking of questions and notably those questions which will be addressed/answered by NIPN analysis.
    Furthermore, transparent communication about this decision to the NIPN stakeholders that have been directly involved in the various steps is crucial. These stakeholders are, for the most part, the ultimate audience to whom the findings of the analyses will be communicated for further action.
    At the same time, a number of the relevant and important questions which have been formulated will not be eligible for analysis by NIPN. These are part of the ‘Question Bank’. The MAC may request other nutrition actors to take on the task of answering some of these questions, though it must be expected that certain questions will not be answered. For instance, the MAC may ask one of the members of the SUN CSO network to carry out a literature study to collate global evidence on a specific topic (e.g. the effectiveness of MNP distribution) or it may request a research institute to study the impact of specific nutrition-sensitive agriculture interventions on the dietary diversity of women.

    It is recommended that each step and decision is documented in a transparent manner, which will also help to manage the various stakeholders’ expectations:

    • Prepare the final list of policy questions which have been formulated over the three steps of the exercise, in order of priority ranking, with the questions for analysis by NIPN at the top, followed by the questions which can be answered by other actors, etc. Provide the data analysis framework for the priority questions that NIPN will answer.
    • Request that the MAC validate this list of questions in an official meeting, with a formal sign-off. This validation is also important for obtaining approval for sharing data from data owners.
    • The MAC will communicate their decision formally to all NIPN stakeholders, including a tentative timeline for the analysis of the priority questions.