Guatemala presents the first NIPN data analysis

Under the leadership of the Secretary for Food and Nutrition Security (SESAN) and with GSF support, the National Information Platform for Nutrition in Guatemala conducted a national study that looked at country’s progress throughout the different multisectoral nutrition strategies, in order to inform the nutrition agenda during the national election period. Changes in food and nutrition security budget allocation to sectors and interventions and in financial execution were analysed over time, yielding three main lessons:

  1. Financial inputs did not fully match commitments and priorities under each successive nutrition strategy.
  2. Budget allocations and distribution accross and within sectors have not been adequate and balanced for the different strategies’ interventions. Moreover, for a given budget allocation, the implementation of interventions is affected by uneven financial execution capacities accross and within sector.
  3. The lack of coverage data and outcome level indicators accross strategies does not allow to track whether progress is made according to the strategic and operational planning, and where necessary course correct.

On February 28th, the main findings of this study were presented and discussed with national and sub-national government authorities, international cooperation and civil society partners, through a forum chaired by Juan Carlos Carías, Secretary of the SESAN and Beatrice Bussi, deputy head cooperation of the delegation of the European Union. A brief summarising the main conclusions and lessons is under preparation for wider dissemination.