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Institutional arrangements (3/3)

Features of the data component

The data component of the NIPN might be best hosted by an agency which already has a mandate and the capacity for data management and/or analysis, if possible with a cross-sectoral mandate. Statistics agencies, as well as planning agencies, are potential government units for capacity building in the analysis of nutrition-related data, so that this becomes part of the routine work of these institutions.

It is key to identify an agency that has a mandate for socio-economic analyses, is geared towards responsive analysis using multiple data sources, has some convening power, and has the ability to access data of other data providers.

Potential pitfalls
  • Statistics bodies do not necessarily all have a mandate of socio-economic analysis, and in some cases their mandate is limited to data collection and management and does not include analysis and influencing.
  • If the following characteristics of a statistics agency’s mandate and practice are present, this organization may not be the most suitable to lead the data component of NIPN:
    • They are unwilling or hesitant to consider data that they do not collect themselves or cannot vet;
    • They are not able to access data managed by other data providers;
    • They are geared towards providing routine analysis products, taking long time lapses due to extensive processes to validate and process data;
    • They are not equipped to undertake nimble work to answer current ad hoc questions that require answers in time for policy and programme decisions.
Examples of host organizations
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