Ivory Coast

Nutrition governance

The National Nutrition Committee (CNN), which has a permanent technical secretariat, was established by decree and is presided over by the Prime Minister. A decree organises the CNN into:
• A decision-making committee chaired by the Prime Minister. The committee approves the political and strategic approaches and facilitates the government’s financial involvement.
• A technical committee (MSP), chaired by the Representative of the Prime Minister, SUN government Focal Point. It includes several ministries with representatives from all the networks, including the parliament and the communities.
• Regional committees, chaired by regional prefects, responsible for checking that policy is carried out effectively (in the process of being set up).

A platform of technical and financial partners for nutrition has been established since 2014, bringing together the United Nations, donors and international NGOs, co-chaired by UNICEF and the ADB (African Development Bank). Parliamentarians, private sector, civil society, and academic networks have been created, with focal points participating in the CNN. A media professionals network is also operational.

The work of the CNN and the MSP has enabled various strategic documents to be validated and various conflicts of competence to be resolved. The 2010 National Nutrition Policy has been updated and the National Multisectoral Nutrition Plan 2016-2020 has been developed. It provides for the establishment of a validation committee which will approve research topics on nutrition and verify research results.

A number of sectoral policies have nutrition objectives (health, agriculture, social protection, education, environment). A situational analysis has resulted in a database for reviewing these documents, taking into account nutrition-sensitive interventions.
The legislation to support nutrition includes marketing of breast-milk substitutes, maternal leave, campaigning against iodine deficiencies, salt iodation, fortification of oil and flour, food enrichment, school canteens.
Moreover, a national communication strategy for social and behavioural change in matters of nutrition was created in November 2015, under the aegis of the Ministry of Public Health and Hygiene.

NIPN implementation

The technical secretariat of the National Nutrition Council is leading the implementation of the NIPN, with support from UNICEF. The project started in January 2018.

Project resources

Title / SummaryAuthorsPublication date
Diagnostic des systèmes d’information et de suivi et évaluation en Côte d’Ivoire
Cette étude a visé à établir un diagnostic des systèmes d’information et de suivi-évaluation sectoriels déjà existants en Côte d’Ivoire, leurs forces et leurs faiblesses et leur potentiel – notamment en termes de disponibilité, accessibilité et qualité d’indicateurs clés.
Richard Michel, Gustave Apata2017-10

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