Legal information and credits

The content of these NIPN Guidance Notes has been developed by the members of the NIPN Global Support Facility: Mélanie Broin, Julien Chalimbaud, Perrine Geniez, Andrew Hall, Milko Skofic, Marti Van-Liere, with the support of:

  • Members of the NIPN Expert Advisory Group: Mercedes de Onis (WHO), Patrizia Fracassi (SUN Movement Secretariat), Rebecca Heidkamp (Johns Hopkins University), Jef Leroy (IFPRI), Danka Panchova (ACF)
  • Experts from NIPN partner organisations: Charlotte Dufour (SUN Movement Secretariat), Youssouf Keita (Johns Hopkins University), Purnima Menon (IFPRI-POSHAN), Melinda Munos (Johns Hopkins University), Kendra Siekmans (NI-TAN)
  • Independant consultants: Fiona Watson
  • NIPN country teams who have generously shared their experiences and provided feedback on the tools, with a specific mention for the teams from Ethiopia, Guatemala and Niger.

The content of this NIPN Guidance Notes have been developed with the financial support of the European Commission, The UK Department for International Development and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

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