NIPN Analysis Training in Ethiopia

From Monday 24 to Friday 28 December 2018

The training material is specifically designed for NIPN, and will create analytical capacities of NIPN stakeholders to use existing data collected through household income, consumption and expenditure surveys for further nutrition related analysis.

Understanding the potential of these data sets will allow to explore how these data can support answering some of outstanding national nutrition policy questions which need to be answered by NIPN.

While not originally designed for nutrition, further analysis of these data sets can provide consistent information about various nutrition measures, as well as useful trends and recent insights on food prices, access and affordability, household food expenditures and consumption.

Members of the National Nutrition Monitoring, Evaluation and Research Steering Committee (which incorporates an advisory role for NIPN), as well as members of the Food Based Dietary Guidelines Technical Committee will be active participants in this training. This will include nutrition researchers coming from the Ethiopia Public Health Institute, the Ethiopia Institute of Agriculture Research, the Ministries of Agriculture and Health, as well as the Central Statistical Agency and various universities.