NIPN Capacity Building workshops

Between January and April 2019, the Global Support facility has organised three capacity building workshops for NIPN country teams and government stakeholders on the implementation of the NIPN operational cycle. During these three-day workshops, the focus was on the first two steps of the NIPN operational cycle: ‘How to formulate nutrition-related policy-relevant questions?’, and ‘How and what data to analyse to answer those questions?’ Related issues were also discussed such as data quality, data management, capacity assessment and development plans. The first workshop was held in Ethiopia, the second one in Côte d’Ivoire brought together the three francophone NIPN countries (Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire and Niger) and the third workshop took place in Laos. Altogether, over 80 participants participated in those workshops, from NIPN country teams, national institutions, ministries and international partners. Additional workshops are being planned for the other NIPN countries.