NIPN-Ethiopia - nutrition policy and research seminars: Animal-sourced food and nutrition outcomes

On March 7, NIPN Ethiopia is organizing another outreach event, which will focus on the linkages between animal-sourced food and nutrition outcomes. During this seminar, speakers will specifically focus on the global evidence related to the role which animal-sourced food can have on nutritional outcomes of children and women, reviewing large data sets and a wide set of evidences. Presentations will be brought by Kalle Hirvonen (IFPRI) and Silvia Alonso (ILRI), but represents work of many researchers. The organization of these topical Nutrition Research and Policy Seminars are part of the Ethiopian NIPN’s mandate to promote outreach of nutrition related research findings. Through these outreach activities, NIPN engages with multisectoral decision makers and researchers on various thematic nutrition topics, encourages regular interactions between researchers and programmatic or policy decision makers on nutrition, and promotes increased knowledge about nutrition evidence in the country.
The seminar will take place at the EPHI training center on Thursday March 7 between 10.30 AM until 12.30 PM.