NIPN official launch in Niger

As part of the Celebration of the 28th African Statistics Day, the Minister of Public Health of Niger, Dr. Idi Illiassou Mainassara proceeded on Wednesday, November 21 to the official launch of the National Information Platform for Nutrition, indicating that the initiative was part of national priorities by gathering and analyzing a maximum of data available to better guide policies and strategies to combat malnutrition.
INS Director General, M. Idrissa Alichina Kourguen, emphasized the importance of improving the quality and availability of official data and statistics to enable policymakers to develop economic, social, nutritional, health and environmental protection policies and to monitor and evaluate them.
The Representative of the High Commissioner to the 3N Initiative "Nigeriens Nourish Nigeriens", Dr. Boukar Abdou Razak, stressed the importance of the NIPN program in connection with the implementation of the National Strategy for Food and Nutrition Security and Sustainable Agricultural Development and the recent adoption of the National Policy on Nutritional Security.
The Ambassador of the European Union in Niger, Ms. Denisa-Elena Ionete recalled the constant commitment of the European Union alongside the Nigerian government in the fight against malnutrition.