Official endorsement of the NIPN “Multisectoral Advisory Committee” in Niger

In Niger, the national nutrition security policy (NNSP) has been officially adopted last October, under the leadership of the 3N High Commission “Niger feeds Nigeriens” (HCI3N), which sits in the President’s office. The NNSP governance structure was approved: it comprises a Nutrition Unit within HCI3N, a multisectoral Strategic Committee and a multisectoral Technical Committee. The Technical Committee, which is in charge of coordinating the implementation and ensuring the technical follow-up of the NNSP, will also function as the NIPN “Multisectoral Advisory Committee”, responsible for the technical validation of NIPN work plan and outputs. The first task of this new Technical Committee is to discuss and validate the question analysis framework plan for 2019/2020, prepared by the NIPN team based on sector-wide consultations. This plan is a major step forward in order to provide answers to a number of priority nutrition policy-relevant questions in Niger.