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1. Information about the project (5)

TitleSummaryPublication date
L'initiative NIPN en vidéoCette vidéo de cinq minutes présente l’objectif et l’approche globale de l’initiative NIPN de la Commission européenne, ainsi que les principes généraux de mise en oeuvre dans les pays bénéficiaires.2017-03
L'initiative NIPN, en brefCe document de 4 pages présente les caractéristiques générales d'une Plateforme Nationale d'Information pour la Nutrition et l'approche adoptée par l'initiative NIPN pour appuyer les pays dans la mise en place de leur plateforme et renforcer les capacités des acteurs nationaux à mieux utiliser l'information.2017-03
La iniciativa NIPN, en breveEste documento de 4 páginas presenta los principios rectores de una Plataforma Nacional de Información para la Nutrición y cómo la iniciativa apoya a los países en la creación de un NIPN y desarrolla la capacidad de las partes nacionales para diseñar políticas y programas basados en evidencia.2017-04
The NIPN Initiative, in briefThis 4-page document presents the guiding principles of a National Information Platform for Nutrition and how the initiative intend to support countries in setting up a NIPN and to build capacity of national stakeholders to design evidence-based policies and programme.2016-12
The NIPN initiative, in a nutshellThis five-minute video presents the overall objective and approach of the NIPN initiative of the European Commission and the broad principles for its implementation in benefiting countries.2017-03

2. Guidelines (1)

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Communicating evidence to policy makersBased on a review of the literature, on interviews with key informants, and on the analysis of a range of information products in the field of nutrition, this review identifies the best practices to apply when producing any materials, in order to ensure that outputs are seen, understood by, and hopefully acted upon, by their intended audience.2017-03

3. Reports (2)

TitleSummaryPublication date
Information platforms in KenyaThis review describes information platforms and electronic data portals that are relevant to human nutrition. It starts by describing the main data sharing platforms and portals including dashboards and websites from which information relevant to nutrition can be accessed. It then presents a matrix of the sources of data, where they are located, their accessibility and availability, the contact persons, and the address of relevant websites.2017-06
Opening the policy space: the dynamics of nutrition policy making in BangladeshThis review was commissioned by the Global Support Facility for the National Information Platform for Nutrition in order to better understand the process of nutrition policy making in Bangladesh. Based on a combination of a desk review, key informant interviews and content analysis, the authors provide a historical overview of the process of nutrition policy development in Bangladesh and analyse the process by which the current National Nutrition Policy has been developed, formulated and adopted.2017-09

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