NIPN scope

NIPN is unique in bringing together and valuing multiple data sources from the different sectors that influence nutrition: health; agriculture; water, sanitation and hygiene; social protection; education; among others.
The focus of NIPN analysis is on using sub-national data to track regional disparities and progress of nutrition outcomes and determinants; coverage of programmes and interventions; as well as nutrition-specific and nutrition-sensitive investments. Such analysis is critical for taking decisions about how to direct resources.
Though primarily driven by national demand, the NIPN will not be able to answer all policy questions. Broad questions need to be broken down into more specific questions that can be answered by the NIPN taking into account the data that are available and their quality.
For questions requiring more complex analysis or additional data collection (such as causal analyses, impact evaluation or cost-effectiveness analyses), the scientific literature can be reviewed to assess existing evidence or the question can be referred to a research body.