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Six principles of data analysis specific to NIPN (5/5)

Principle 5: The timing of the presentation of the findings should fit with the policy calendar

To maximise the likelihood of influencing policy makers, the results of the analysis should be produced in a timely fashion, meaning at the time policy makers can use the information to make decisions. Targeting the communication of the answers to policy-relevant questions to specific windows of opportunity in the policy cycle (e.g. development of next five-year plan, annual budget allocation) enhances the probability of the information actually influencing decisions (section 2.2, page 3).


Principle 6: NIPN data experts should work hand in hand with NIPN policy experts

As mentioned in the Policy Question Formulation Guidance Note (section 2), data experts need to have continuous back and forth discussions with policy experts to make sure the analysis will adequately feed into the policy dialogue.