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Training curriculum on survey data quality

This curriculum includes all necessary materials to facilitate the training: presentations, examples, facilitator’s guide, practical exercise and solutions, parts of real datasets. The curriculum is fully aligned with the recent UNICEF/WHO recommendations(1).

The 3 days are organised as follows:

  • DAY 1: Survey methods, anthropometric measurements
  • DAY 2: Performing Data Quality tests, how to read a data quality assessment report
  • DAY 3: Make a decision on data quality level required for your analysis

The curriculum is meant to be used by national technical assistants to facilitate the training of the NIPN team and its partners when relevant.

Note that the curriculum is especially focused on anthropometric measurements, though certain tests can be applied to other continuous variables as well.

Trainers are encouraged to:

  1. Download the 3 days curriculum materials provided below
  2. Download the facilitator’s guide Word file
  3. Watch the webinar introducing the training curriculum
  4. Discuss with NIPN teams and decide if the training is relevant
  5. Adapt and facilitate the training when relevant

To support the data quality tests discussed in the training curriculum, a statistical test package has been developed in R software: nipnTK.r
This package includes built-in functions to generate z-score and perform data quality tests. It is recommended for users that have already a basic knowledge of R software.
A ‘R’ user guide is also available in order to easily perform the tests mentioned in the training curriculum.


  1. Recommendations for data collection, analysis and reporting on anthropometric indicators in children under 5 years old” WHO, UNICEF, May 2019