There is concern among the deputies of the Committee on Food Security because the statistics regarding chronic malnutrition place Guatemala in first place in Latin America and sixth place in the world, a scourge that affects 46.5 percent of the children.
Therefore, the legislators met with the Deputy Chief of Cooperation of the European Union, Beatrice Bussi and the head of the Secretary of Food and Nutritional Security (SESAN), Juan Carlos Carias Estrada, to learn about the National Information Platform on Nutrition - PiNN.
The head of SESAN acknowledged the support that the Congress has given in the fight against malnutrition: "we have seen the effort that has been made to contribute to the issue, it is necessary to work together to ensure food security and eradicate malnutrition", he said.
While Beatrice Bussi, Deputy Chief of Cooperation of the European Union in Guatemala, said: "the problem of child malnutrition in Guatemala is a recognized problem at the international level, we are collaborating and supporting to eradicate it".
The meeting also promoted the activity "A goal against malnutrition" that symbolizes the unity between different entities to fight against this scourge.
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