Activity A: Preparation of a consultative workshop

The key activity in Step 2 is to convene a consultative workshop with sectoral government counterparts and non-government stakeholders with the following objectives:

  • To formulate and prioritise a set of policy questions, based on questions identified in Step 1.
  • To develop the capacity of sectoral government counterparts and non-government stakeholders in policy question formulation (especially important during the first cycle of question formulation).
  • To enhance dialogue and build common expectations amongst key nutrition stakeholders.

There are a number of important points to take into account in the agenda setting and invitation to participants in this workshop:

  • Who will facilitate and who will participate in the workshop?
  • Which points should be on the agenda of the workshop:
    1. Relevant framing of the workshop
    2. Creating a common understanding
    3. Which questions and data analyses lend themselves best to the NIPN approach?
    4. Preparing relevant and concrete country examples
    5. Adopting an impact pathway approach to formulate relevant questions
    6. Illustration of the use of the impact pathway to support the formulation of question
    7. Characteristics of well-formulated policy questions