Activity B: Produce a question analysis framework (1/2)

Based on the previous step, now develop a question analysis framework which includes the following details for each question separately:

  • The available and accessible data, its source and quality, noting data gaps.
  • The methods to be used for analysis and the estimated time to do analysis.
  • The required tools and software.
  • The required human resources and capacities.

Question analysis framework in Mali (from the NEP)

Priority question n°1: "What are the reasons for the Mopti region presenting lower level indicators in relation to mother and child health and nutrition than the other regions according to the EDHS-V (2015-2016)"

JPEG - 183.1 kb

Question analysis framework from Niger (from the NIPN)

Priority question n°4: "What is the state of financial investments in nutrition in Niger and their evolution in relation to the needs as defined in the mutlisectoral nutrition plan of action?"

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