Advocacy and awareness raising for the added value of a NIPN (1/2)

The objective and added value of a National Information Platform for Nutrition might not be immediately obvious to all partners, stakeholders and sectors. From the start, it is imperative to present the added value of a NIPN, which aims to strengthen ongoing initiatives (e.g. tracking progress of the country’s Multisectoral Nutrition Plan of Action), is embedded in existing local structures, and is complementary to support provided by others in the SUN Movement.

The added value and feasibility of establishing a NIPN needs to be clarified with the stakeholders at the political level as well as the technical level. At the technical level, there are several organisations involved bringing a diverse set of expertise related to policy development and data analysis. At the political level, decision makers are involved who represent various sectors and line ministries as well as those who represent higher decision making levels such as the Prime Minister’s Office or President’s Office.

In order to overcome challenges related to collaboration and joint accountability, it is of utmost importance to build a sense of common understanding and common objectives, and shared ownership and shared benefit amongst all participating sector ministries and sub-national institutions.

The added value of a NIPN
The added value of a NIPN lies in the creation of a continuous dialogue between policy experts and data analysts:
  • to formulate and prioritise nutrition policy-relevant questions;
  • to analyse existing but underutilised national and sub-national quantitative data;
  • to communicate actionable recommendations for policy decisions.