Advocacy and awareness raising for the added value of a NIPN (2/2)

Continuous advocacy and awareness raising efforts are therefore needed, in combination with the delivery of relevant outputs, to establish NIPN credibility and authority.

Rather than being an ad hoc, one-time activity, this requires careful planning, seizing strategic windows of opportunity, using multiple communication channels (individual meetings, group discussions, workshops, presentations at high-level events), as well as repetition of a few, carefully formulated key messages.

Key messages should relate to the following questions (amongst others):

  • Why invest in nutrition?
  • Why is a multisectoral approach to nutrition required?
  • Why should data analysis guide policy, programme and budget decisions?
  • What is the NIPN approach and how does it complement existing multisectoral nutrition structures and approaches as well as other nutrition data related initiatives?
  • Why should my sector/department/ministry be concerned with NIPN?
Examples of presentation to adapt
The Global Support Facility has developed two generic presentations, which countries might find useful to use and adapt to their own context:
  • The first presentation addresses the questions: ‘Why should a country invest in nutrition?’ and ‘Why does nutrition require a multisectoral approach?’
  • The second presentation focuses on the need for data analysis to inform policy decisions and explains what NIPN is.