The SUN MEAL national and sub-national dashboards


National dashboards have been produced for the SUN countries. Sub-national dashboards are currently being produced, which are slightly different and designed to compare data across districts.

Main features of the SUN MEAL dashboard:

  • Clear sub-sections that correspond directly to the SUN Theory of Change and also align in many respects with the UNICEF and Lancet nutrition frameworks.
  • Indicators with “no data” appear clearly (although not shown in this example).
  • Most recent year of when the indicator was collected is included.
  • Data sources are included.
  • Colour coding clearly shows performance compared with median performance of other countries (or national median for sub-national dashboard).
  • Sub-national dashboards that are not yet fully finalised are colour coded to compare one region with another.
  • A summary narrative is included.
  • A page to explain the colour classification is included.
  • 6 pages in total for national dashboards; 8 pages for initial draft sub-national dashboards (not yet published).

The SUN MEAL dashboard contains the following sections:

  • Enabling environment
  • Finance for nutrition
  • Intervention and food supply
  • Enacted legislations
  • SDGs drivers of nutrition
  • IYCF and dietary Intake
  • Nutrition status
  • SDGs linked to nutrition

Extract of the SUN MEAL national dashboard for Lao PDR

JPEG - 98.1 kb