Characteristics of the NIPN Dashboard (4/4)

5. Time trends and geographical comparison demonstrated, depending on data availability

  • Data from one point in time are useful for comparison with national figures (see example a).
  • Data can be presented which illustrate changes in an indicator over time (see example b)
  • More in-depth analysis such as looking at inequities in nutrition indicators are possible (see example c).

Key messages:

  • In-depth analysis should avoid over-complicating the graphs and message.
  • The dashboard should be easy to produce.
  • The dashboard balances in depth-analysis and clarity.

6. Aligned with SUN MEAL dashboard

The dashboard has been developped in close collaboration with the SUN MEAL team.

  • The SUN MEAL system has been designed as part of the Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement.
  • It includes a comprehensive list of internationally well-defined, well-accepted, well-known and publically accessible indicators, which provides an excellent basis for the NIPN Dashboard.
  • The NIPN Dashboard template has been designed to include most of the indicators from the SUN MEAL system. It can potentially fulfil the objectives of both the NIPN and the SUN MEAL.
  • The SUN MEAL system specifically monitors the progress of the SUN Movement, across all SUN countries. Some indicators or sections may therefore not be fully relevant for in-country use and have therefore not been included in the NIPN Dashboard template.
  • Moreover, the SUN MEAL indicators have been selected on the basis of universal public accessibility. The NIPN is not restricted by this and additional indicators accessible at country level to the NIPN team can be added.
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