Country publications

  • 31 March 2020

    Catalogue of main sources of nutrition data in Burkina Faso

    This document presents the fruit of the work between INSD and the Technical Secretariat for Food and Nutrition (STAN) to identify & list multisectoral data sources useful for nutrition.
    It presents a table of the main information systems, the types of data available, their accessibility and the frequency of collection.

  • 31 March 2020

    NUTRITION DATA CARTOGRAPHY: Case studies and lessons learned.

    This concept paper presents the lessons learned by the NIPN in Burkina Faso during the difficult task of mapping nutrition data.
    It concisely presents the challenges encountered in identifying different data sources, collaborating with multiple partners, and accessing and disseminating micro-data.

  • 30 March 2020

    NIPN Communication Strategy

    This Communication Strategy aims to bridge effective communication among researchers, decisions makers, implementers and the general public. It identifies the relevant communication challenges, maps out the NIPN activities which require communication, links those activities to specific audiences, defines the key messages and proposes the different communication channels for each audience.

  • 28 February 2020

    Nutrition data mapping in Lao PDR

    This study done in collaboration with the National Nutrition Centre identified nutrition related data and indicators collected by Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education and Sports, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and Lao Statistics Bureau.
    For each of the 233 nutrition specific and 1,308 nutrition sensitive indicators identified, the study reports on availability, definitions, sources, periodicity of collection and administrative level. The nutrition specific and sensitive indicators were selected jointly by Data Analysis Unit and National Nutrition Centre. The latter developed criteria and led the selection process.
    The results will be used for planning the nutrition related analysis in Lao PDR.

  • 31 January 2020


    This report focuses on trends in chronic malnutrition in children under five (5) years of age and its determinants at the regional level. Levels of chronic malnutrition in children under five (5) years of age differ from one region to another, as do the combination of factors inherent in malnutrition
    The implementation of the recommendations arising from this analysis helps to fuel public debate on social, economic or demographic issues and reminds us that nutrition is multisectoral. Understanding this information is essential in the process of orienting public policies and development.

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