Difference between communication and visibility

Visibility of a specific organisation, project or initiative can be created by using their logo and acknowledging their contribution in the different communication events that are being organised.

For instance during a launch event of NIPN in a country, the logo of the implementing organisations and the donors should be displayed, and if available the logo of the NIPN (either the global NIPN logo or the one which has been created specifically by the country NIPN).

The NIPN countries which receive funding from the European Union are requested to develop a visibility plan following specific EU guidelines.

Communication and visibility are not the same. Communication is about specific messages that one wishes to convey, to achieve a well-defined objectives, reaching specific target audiences, using appropriate communication channels and tools. A communication plan is more elaborate, but can include a specific chapter on how it intends to create visibility for the NIPN.

Creating a specific identity and branding for the NIPN, including the design of a logo and the use of consistent templates/formats for reports and presentations, is part of the visibility plan.