Establishing the MAC (3/4)

3. Prepare Terms of Reference and way of working

The preparation of written and signed Terms of Reference could be part of formalising of a Multisectoral Advisory Committee.

These Terms of Reference should include:

  • The formal mandate of the MAC
  • The objectives of the MAC in relation to the NIPN operational cycle
  • The tasks of the MAC
  • The roles and responsibilities of the MAC Chair, the MAC Secretary and the other members
  • The mechanisms of accountability of individual members and of the MAC as a whole
  • The agreed way of working
  • The description of relationships with higher coordination structures

In practice, the way of working of the MAC must be adapted to its role in the operational cycle of NIPN as well as to the needs and timelines of the relevant policy processes. An annual work plan prepared in close collaboration with the NIPN team will help the MAC in the planning of its meetings and other activities.

Meeting frequency will depend on the NIPN operational cycle. Flexibility is required to be able to respond to unforeseen changes in policy and programmes direction due to external developments (e.g. publication of new data or new insights).