Example of question reformulation from the NIPN capacity building workshop in Lao PDR

Topic 1: budget allocation to nutrition interventions for the education sector of the NPAN

ORIGINAL BROAD QUESTION: Is the budget allocation enough for each education intervention?

REFORMULATED BROAD QUESTION: Is the budget allocated to education sector as part of the National Nutrition Strategy equal to what is costed (planned), for each of the planned intervention and how do the provinces prioritize nutrition?


  1. How do they prioritize nutrition interventions?
  2. How many interventions have been implemented with the allocated budget?


  1. How does the allocated budget compared to the planned one? What is the gap? What are the trends, by year and by intervention?
  2. How budget expenditures compare the allocations? By year and intervention of the NPAN? at national and provincial level?

Topic 2: understanding the cultivation of crops of high nutritional value

ORIGINAL BROAD QUESTION: Why does the production of ’nutritious crops’ not increasing?

REFORMULATED BROAD QUESTION: What factors can explain that the production of ’nutritious crops’ are not increasing?


  1. Does the production of ’nutritious crops’ suit with the local conditions?


  1. What proportion of the inputs (seeds, seedling, training to farmers) planned for increasing ‘nutritious crop’ production are reaching the targeted provinces / targeted farmers since the beginning of the strategy?
  2. What is the proportion of targeted farmers that received the inputs (seeds, seedling, training) did use it to produce ‘nutrition crops’
  3. What proportion of these farmers producing ‘nutritious crops’ consumed it and what proportion sold it?
  4. etc.

Topic 3: understanding how vitamin A supplementation achieve its objectives

ORIGINAL BROAD QUESTION: How can we improve the VAS coverage (national baseline being 38%)?


  1. What are the differences in VAS among the provinces?
  2. What is the trends in VAS? Country ? Provinces?


  1. What is the coverage of VAS provided to children 6-59 months delivered through health centers services compared to delivered through campaign, comparing the results in the different provinces?
  2. What are the trends of VAS for children 6-59 months during the past 10 years comparing each province?
  3. How are those in relation to the target: how is the annual rate of reduction in each province?
  4. how are the trends for other selected inputs and activities indicators, comparing a province with high annual rate and low annual rate? (further analysis will need to identify the relevant indicators)