Content of a communication plan

This guidance note focuses on the development of a NIPN Communication plan.

Communication is a key element for NIPN:

  • With different objectives
  • To different audiences
  • With different messages

This is the communication strategy.


  • Using different communication channels and tools
  • At specific points in time

These are the communication activities.

This note aims to provide high-level guidance on what a NIPN team could include in the communication plan, but this is of course very much dependent on the country context and the team’s capacity and resources.

In any case, a communication plan should define the communication strategy that specify the objectives: WHY you communicate, the target audiences: to WHOM you want to communicate, and the key messages: WHAT you want to communicate.

It should also describe HOW to do this, with which tools and through which channels and WHEN, identifying key communication opportunities throughout time.

In addition, a communication plan should include an M&E plan with indicators to assess the achievements of the communication activities, as well as a budget. The comunication plan should be commensurate with the available human and financial resources and proprotionate to the scale of the action in terms of cost-benefit. Even if there is no fully dedicated communication officer, a designated communication and visibility focal person should be identified within the team.

At the end of the guidance note, there are references to communication examples of different NIPN countries and to additional useful guidance that can be found on the web, while the next guidance note provides specific insight on how to communicate with decision makers.

What should a communication plan contain?
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