Gender transformative approaches applied to National Plans of Actions for Nutrition (NPAN)

The aim of including GTA in NIPN projects is to reduce or eliminate gender inequalities that affect women’s and girls’ food and nutrition security. The broader achievement will be that gender-sensitive nutrition policies will be part of the NPAN.

Structural changes, both at the institutional and societal level, require the revision of processes that exclude the rights of girls and women.

Both governments and donors should be willing to allocate resources, not only in the policy implementation phase, but also for data collection and analysis, including the design of gender-sensitive surveys and tools.

NIPN platforms and the C4N-NIPN Global Coordination can be catalysts to the scaling up of GTAs. Part of this role is to support better understanding of what works and why, and how to seize every opportunity to make changes in gender perception, roles and inequalities.