AARR (3/3): how do international initiatives calculate the AARR?

Important international initiatives are regularly publishing AARR figures at international and national levels for monitoring and policy purposes:

They all use the same model but for various reasons, they use different parameters to calculate the AARR (see additional information below). In particular, the time period considered differs (some using only quite recent data, some using longer time periods). In 2017, the WHO-UNICEF TEAM group developed a report to harmonise the calculation of the AARR.

Take away messages
  • Most of the initiatives have adopted the 2017 TEAM recommendations.
  • EU method differs from TEAM mainly for current AARR calculations that are based on historical data (TEAM recommends using only recent data) and on the choice of the baseline year, which is fixed at 2012.
  • The WHO tracking tool allows users to set their own target: countries are encouraged to set their own targets to fit with the timing of national plans and to set realistic goals.
Additional information