How to do a stakeholder analysis?

It can be very useful to do a stakeholder analysis of the overall nutrition audience to better understand which actor has which attitude towards the project and how influential that person is.

Someone who is very positive and influential could become a champion for the project in the communication approach, whereas someone who is largely negative about the project’s approach, but also influential needs to be managed carefully and communication with this person should be geared towards changing her/his attitude from negative to neutral.

If a person with a negative attitude is perceived as having very limited to no influence, less efforts need to be made to communicate with him/her.

A stakeholder mapping is usually done along 2 dimensions: the level of interest in the topic/project (negative to positive) and the level of influence or power the stakeholder has in the target community (in the case of NIPN, the multisectoral nutrition system).

Map stakeholders according to level of interest and influence
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