Integrating gender in NIPN activities

NIPN’s main objectives, although potentially relevant for gender issues, do not target indicators and outcomes focused specifically on women and girls, highlighting that there is still a gap that needs to be filled regarding the integration of gender within the activities of the NIPN platforms. Given the relevance and in order to contribute to the structural changes needed to achieve gender equality, as promoted by the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals agenda, this guidance note has been prepared as a tool to support a better integration of gender dimensions with a focus on Gender Transformative Approaches (GTA), within NIPN activities.

More specifically, the note aims to:
• familiarise NIPN platforms teams with gender issues in nutrition and highlight the main features of ‘gender transformative approaches’ (GTA);
• provide NIPN platform teams with a framework to support the integration of Gender dimensions in NIPN activities and as last and general objective the integration of GTA;
• generate awareness of GTA and to share recommendations on how to integrate gender dimensions within the NIPN operational cycle and beyond.