Introduction to the NIPN Dashboard

Multiple sectors contribute to the immediate, underlying and basic determinants of nutrition and play a role in addressing undernutrition. Frequently, however, nutrition-related information is collected through separate surveys and studies, conducted by different institutions and agencies, and the results are presented in separate reports. One of the objectives of NIPN is to bring together information from diverse datasets to facilitate a multisectoral analysis of the nutrition situation.

The information generated from this multisectoral analysis needs to be presented in a clear and simple format so that all stakeholders - including those not used to working with numbers - can understand the key messages. This tool provides a template for a sub-national nutrition dashboard which presents information from multiple sources in a visual format that can be easily understood.

Nutrition indicators, as well as intervention coverage and other factors, can vary significantly across regions (provinces, districts, counties). The sub-national dashboard helps to quickly identify variation within a region and specific issues relating to that region in order to support policy makers in defining their priorities.

The use of the NIPN Dashboard is optional, but may be considered to help countries achieve the following objectives:

  1. To initiate dialogue between policy makers and data analysts regarding multisectoral nutrition indicators, programmes and investments.
    Initiating a dialogue between data analysts and policy makers from different sectors can be challenging and lengthy. These groups may not be used to joint discussions and may be hesitant to start the dialogue unless there is clarity about the relevance to their work. By presenting nutrition data at sub-national level, the dashboard helps to stimulate discussions and start the dialogue.
  2. To quickly produce an initial multisectoral analysis of nutrition-related information at sub-national level.
    The dashboard contributes to quickly establishing the credibility of the NIPN. The flexible format allows for adaptation to the country’s needs, in terms of including or excluding indicators, formulating appropriate messages and highlighting relevant questions for discussion.

The NIPN sub-national dashboard is for use by:

  • Data teams who can adapt and complete the NIPN Dashboard template using data from their country.
  • Policy makers at national and sub-national levels from the different sectors related to nutrition, in order to stimulate a policy dialogue.

This guidance note includes:

  • A set of “characteristics” for the dashboard, based on a review of existing dashboards and on the specific objectives.
  • A set of indicators that each country can adapt to their requirements and priorities.
  • A review of challenges and solutions.
  • An Excel template to easily produce a visual dashboard.
Note about sub-national divisions
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