MAC’s role in the NIPN operational cycle

The National Information Platforms for Nutrition operate through a three-stage process of question formulation, data analysis, and communication of findings to influence policy decisions in nutrition. The Multisectoral Advisory Committee (MAC) has a critical role to play in ensuring that the focus of these processes is relevant, appropriate and timely for the different stakeholders.

With respect to the formulation of policy questions, the MAC:

  • Contributes to capturing and orienting broad policy demand
  • Contributes to the drafting of policy questions
  • Validates the policy questions to be answered by NIPN
  • Ensures the NIPN time frame to answer policy questions is aligned with the needs of the decision makers

To support data analysis, the MAC:

  • Facilitates access to data and technical expertise from government and non-government partners
  • Ensures linkages and complementarity with other national initiatives on nutrition data and evidence generation

Regarding communication and dissemination of findings, the MAC:

  • Interprets, contextualises and validates findings
  • Facilitates dissemination of intermediary outputs to other actors (e.g. results and recommendations of a data gap assessment) who are better placed to take relevant action
  • Supports the formulation of key messages
  • Contributes to disseminating and explaining answers to policy questions to policy decision makers
The MAC plays a role in all steps of the NIPN operational cycle