NIPN core principles

Four core principles are embedded in the elements of the NIPN approach:

  • NIPN is country-owned. It strengthens systemic, organisational and individual capacity and is rooted within existing national institutions and the existing multisectoral coordination system for nutrition.
  • NIPN is country-driven. It is led by a country‚Äôs priorities in relation to nutrition-specific and nutrition-sensitive policies and programmes.
  • NIPN uses existing data shared by multisectoral sources for national and sub-national level analysis. As such, it improves the accessibility of nutrition-relevant data from multiple datasets and makes better use of under-utilised data. NIPN does not collect new data.
  • NIPN communicates clear and actionable messages in a timely manner to influence policy makers. It tells a story that traces the impact pathway as illustrated in the visual below: how inputs (investments, human resources) are leading to outputs (intervention coverage) and translate into changes in outcomes (determinants of nutrition), which ultimately have an impact on indicators of nutrition status such as stunting.
The nutrition impact pathway: a story to tell
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