NIPN dialogue

Dialogue is fundamental to the NIPN approach. The success of NIPN relies on dynamic interaction between sectors, departments or institutions that usually do not speak to each other, but are in this approach encouraged to exchange and discuss the meaning of data and statistics for nutrition-relevant decisions.

Dialogue between the policy actors, concerned with high-level policy and investment decisions related to nutrition, and the data actors, concerned with data management and analysis, is at the core of the NIPN operational cycle of Question-Analysis-Communication.

Dialogue between the NIPN country team and the broader national multisectoral nutrition coordination system, mainly through the Multisectoral Advisory Committee, ensures that the policy questions that are articulated, address key priorities, and that the findings of data analyses are communicated in a clear, actionable and timely fashion.

The process of this dialogue should be continuous and dynamic, hence the sub-steps of the NIPN operational cycle do not necessarily follow a prescribed sequence.