NIPN scope

The National Information Platforms for Nutrition want to make better use of under-utilised national and sub-national data; for instance to track progress and regional disparities in nutrition outcomes and determinants, in coverage of nutrition-specific and nutrition-sensitive interventions and programmes, as well as in investments in these programmes. Such analyses have a great value add to inform nutrition policy and investment decisions.

Though primarily driven by national and sub-national demand, the NIPN may not be in a position to answer all types of policy questions due to the lack of the right data of the right quality.

Broad questions may need to be broken down into more specific sub-questions that can be answered by NIPN, depending on data availability and quality.

Certain questions (e.g. regarding causality, impact or cost-effectiveness) may require new data collection in an appropriate study design or could be answered through review of the global scientific literature. In both cases NIPN may refer the question to a nutrition partner such as a research institute.