Recursos útiles adicionales sobre comunicación (en inglès)

  • Requisitos de comunicación y visibilidad de las acciones exteriores de la UE: download pdf
  • Cómo escribir un resumen de políticas
    • The SURE (Supporting the Use of Research Evidence) guides for Preparing and Using Evidence-Based Policy Briefs are intended for people responsible for preparing and supporting the use of policy briefs and ensuring that decisions about health systems are well-informed by research evidence. There are eight SURE Guides. The first two provide background information about getting started and setting priorities for policy briefs. The next four guides address how to prepare a policy brief. The last two address how to use a policy brief.
    • Guidance from International Development Research Centre (IDRC, Canada): download pdf
  • Cómo hacer una presentación efectiva de PowerPoint
    • Powerpoint for Beginners by PowerPoint Channel: watch video
    • Tips for making effective powerpoint presentations from National Conference of States Legislatures (NCSL, USA): visit webpage
  • Siguiente sección sobre consideración práctica para comunicar evidencia a los tomadores de decisiones