The POSHAN District dashboards (India)


Main features of the POSHAN district dashboard:

  • District level dashboard
  • Clear sub-sections
  • Very clear and simple bar chart with average of the district and average of the state. One issue with this sort of bar chart is the scale as it is difficult to compare indicators ranging from 10 to 20% with those ranging from 40 to 50%.
  • Indicators with “no data” appear clearly.
  • Data sources are included.
  • A section with “Possible points of discussion” is included.
  • A page describing the determinants of malnutrition and sources of information
  • 4 pages in total for sub-national dashboards

The POSHAN district dashboard contains the following sections:

  • Demographic profile
  • The state of nutrition
  • Immediate determinants of nutrition
  • Coverage of nutrition-specific interventions
  • Underlying and basic determinants of nutrition
  • Interventions that affect basic and underlying determinants

Extract from the POSHAN dashboard of the Bokaro district

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