Welcome to the NIPN Guidance Notes

This set of guidance notes has been developed by the global support facility of the National Information Platforms for Nutrition (NIPN) in collaboration with some of the NIPN country teams and members of the NIPN Expert Advisory Group. It aims to:

  • Support countries in implementing a coherent and high-quality NIPN approach.
  • Provide specific guidance and practical tools for steps that are particularly challenging.
  • Develop the capacity of country teams to implement the NIPN operational cycle.

The guidance notes will support all actors who are directly involved in NIPN – the host organisations, country teams and multisectoral advisory committees – in implementing and adapting the NIPN approach to their own context. The introduction sets out the NIPN core principles and scope, and describes the data-informed dialogue between policy makers and data analysts that is at the heart of the NIPN approach.

The guidance notes and tools are then presented for: the first phase of developing the NIPN structure (section 1) and for the three elements of the NIPN approach:

  • formulating nutrition policy questions (section 2),
  • managing and analysing data (section 3), and
  • communicating and disseminating findings (section 4).

The content of the guidance notes can be navigated in a simple and linear way by using the arrows at the bottom of each screen or by section and sub-section using the menu on the left side of the screen. The content of these guidance notes is evolutive.