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Activity B: Identify initial questions

After having completed the policy review, the next activity will be to:

  • Engage with the sectoral government counterpart and request them to formulate one to two priority policy questions which they consider highly relevant to their sector
  • Capture these inputs in Part II of the matrix on key opportunities for influencing policy, programming and investment decisions (see example below)
Matrix Part II
Example question 1 Is the plan having an impact on stunting? How much impact have the nutrition-sensitive agricultural interventions had on stunting reduction?
Example question 2 Will the plan meet its targets by 2020? At national and regional level? If not, which interventions need to be prioritised to accelerate progress? Which interventions should be prioritised to achieve the maximum impact on nutrition outcomes under the Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture Strategic Plan?

The matrix exercise allows questions to be collected based on stakeholders’ priorities and sense of importance. At this stage, there is no need to apply other criteria; this will be done in the next steps.