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Activity A: Outcome of the mapping exercise

The outcomes of the mapping exercise can be captured in a matrix summarising the key opportunities for influencing policy, programming and investment decisions (see Matrix Part I below).

  • Each row in the matrix relates to a specific piece of information that has been collected during the mapping.
  • Each column provides information relating to the policies, plans, programming and investments for one sector.
    The matrix example includes information from a fictional country. Only two columns have been filled (for multi-sectoral nutrition and agriculture). A full matrix would include further columns for all sectors that influence nutrition.
Matrix Part I
Policy, plan or programmes National Nutrition Programme II (2016-2020) Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture Strategic Plan (2016-2020)
Stage in the policy cycle Year 2 into implementation – second implementation phase Year 2 into implementation
Key changes/revision anticipated in the next 12 months and for the NIPN duration Evaluation in 2019 and revision of programme (phase II) by end of 2020 USAID planning to fund dietary diversity programme in vulnerable districts
(funding from 2019)
Window of opportunity for critical decisions January – March 2020 March – May 2019
Key decision makers Ministry of Health
Ministry of Agriculture
Ministry of Agriculture
Key influencers Special Advisor for NNPII
(in Ministry of Health)
Food and Nutrition Advisor
(in USAID)
Key upcoming priority decision opportunities Year 3 will have a mid-term review Consultation workshop for USAID programme design – January 2019
Important Note
Be mindful that that the ‘window of opportunity’ may be more or less strict depending on the strategic priority considered: a programme’s evaluation or reformulation leaves a larger window of opportunity while a specific event, such as a conference or consultation workshop (as in the above example for agriculture), has a fixed date, thus rendering the window of opportunity very narrow.