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Step 1: Identify the capacity requirements for NIPN (2/5)

The NIPN capacity matrix

A NIPN capacity matrix, which is derived from the NIPN Capacity Framework, is used to organize the capacities required in a logical way. It represents the ideal and a basis for identifying the capacity gaps. The aim is to generate a list of required capacities for each empty box.

The NIPN capacity matrix
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When the process of filling out the tables for each of the levels of the Nutrition Capacity Matrix is complete, a comprehensive list of all capacity requirements for the smooth functioning of a NIPN has been compiled.

Functional or ‘soft’ skills are as important as technical skills and knowledge, so should be listed separately (see the text box below).

Definition of technical and functional skills
Technical skills refer to the knowledge and capabilities needed to perform specialized tasks. For NIPN, this means skills such as data analysis, knowledge of the multisectoral nutrition system or ability to write a policy brief.
Functional or ‘soft’ skills refer to the management, human and social skills that facilitate people, organisations and systems to work effectively. For NIPN, these encompass abilities to communicate, to influence, to convene and work across sectors.
A number of functional skills or competencies are crucial for everyone working in a multisectoral team and complex approach. Those have not been included in below tables but it is recommended that these capacities are being kept in mind when recruiting and developing staff: the ability to work constructively within a team, the ability to identify solutions to overcome challenges, the ability to network and work across sectors, the ability to build trust, etc.