Capacity building

  • 27 June 2022

    Capacity development

    Capacity development is a key focus area for NIPN. This page presents the capacity development (CD) activities conducted by NIPN platforms at the national and global level.

    The catalogue of activities in the following was part of a mapping exercise conducted in 2022. Please see the full report HERE.

    By clicking on the link after the name of the activity, you can access a zip folder with the CD activities: main topic, targeted audience, objectives, and training materials. This may include powerpoint presentations, training kits, training reports, but also materials for coaching, sponsorships for long term trainings etc. Please note that some of training activities are not available and marked as such. You can also search for specific trainings in the excel file HERE.

    Take a look at the list below to see if some CD activities are of interest for you:

    BF_01 Burkina Faso Rappels conceptuels sur la nutrition et ses systèmes de mesures. LINK Not Available
    BF_02 Burkina Faso Elaboration de protocoles de recherches. LINK Not Available
    BF_03 Burkina Faso Former les acteurs de la PNIN sur le leadership et l’engagement en faveur de la nutrition. LINK Not Available
    BF_04 Burkina Faso Formation EXCEL avancé. LINK Not Available
    BF_05 Burkina Faso Méthodes d’analyses. LINK Not Available
    BF_06 Burkina Faso Techniques de rédaction et de communication. LINK Not Available
    BF_07 Burkina Faso Former les acteurs sur le développement CSProMobile. LINK Not Available
    BF_08 Burkina Faso Former les acteurs de la PNIN sur l’outil LiST. LINK Not Available
    BF_09 Burkina Faso Former les DGESS des ministères clés en analyse des données. LINK Not Available
    BF_10 Burkina Faso Formation en développement mobile. LINK Not Available
    BF_11 Burkina Faso Formation en NADA. LINK Not Available
    CI_01 République de Côte d’Ivoire Généralités sur la Nutrition & liens avec la Santé et la Sécurité alimentaire, Process de Formulation de questions NIPN. LINK
    CI_02 République de Côte d’Ivoire Module bases statistiques, collecte et analyse des données. LINK
    CI_03 République de Côte d’Ivoire Module Suivi et Evaluation.LINK
    CI_04 République de Côte d’Ivoire Open data for all LINK
    CI_05 République de Côte d’Ivoire Utilisation de l’outil de centralisation des données de la PNMIN. LINK
    CI_06 République de Côte d’Ivoire Elaboration de notes de politiques. LINK
    CI_07 République de Côte d’Ivoire Centralisation et contrôle qualité de données sectorielles. LINK Not Available
    ET_01 Ethiopia Strengthening skills to analyze existing data collected through household surveys with a nutrition lens: The household Income, Consumption and Expenditure Surveys (HICES). LINK
    ET_02 Ethiopia Introduction to Stata. LINK
    ET_03 Ethiopia Analysing data from the Demographic and Health survey. LINK Not Available
    ET_04 Ethiopia Communicating research findings to non-research audience. LINK
    ET_05 Ethiopia Communicating research results in one minute. LINK
    ET_06 Ethiopia Data repository . LINK
    ET_07 Ethiopia introduction to GIS. LINK Not Available
    ET_08 Ethiopia Scientific writing. LINK Not Available
    ET_09 Ethiopia The best way to provide evidence and interact with policy and decision-makers. LINK
    ET_10 Ethiopia The role of communicating research findings to decision-makers and the wider audience. LINK Not Available
    ET_11 Ethiopia Introduction to Stata using health and nutrition data. LINK Not Available
    GL_01 Global level 1st NIPN global gathering. LINK
    GL_02 Global level NIPN Training on functional skills. LINK
    GL_03 Global level NIPN Capacity Development Workshop. LINK Not Available
    GL_04 Global level 2nd NIPN global gathering. LINK
    GL_05 Global level NIPN Guidance Notes - Setting up a Multisectoral Advisory Committee. LINK
    GL_06 Global level NIPN Guidance Notes - NIPN Capacity Development Plan. LINK
    GL_07 Global level NIPN Guidance Notes - Formulating a Nutrition Policy Question. LINK
    GL_08 Global level NIPN Guidance Notes - Data Landscape Exercise. LINK
    GL_09 Global level NIPN Guidance Notes - Data Quality Assessment. LINK
    GL_10 Global level NIPN Guidance Notes - Principle and Guidance for data analysis. LINK
    GL_11 Global level NIPN Guidance Notes - Sub-National Nutrition Dashboard. LINK
    GL_12 Global level NIPN Guidance Notes - Communication Plan. LINK
    GL_13 Global level NIPN Guidance Notes - Practical Consideration for communicating evidence to decision makers. LINK
    GL_14 Global level 3rd NIPN global gathering. LINK
    GL_15 Global level LIST training nutrition interventions. LINK Not Available
    GL_16 Global level LIST training costing of interventions. LINK
    GL_17 Global level NIPN transition workshops. LINK Not Available
    GL_18 Global level NIPN data quality training. LINK
    GU_01 Guatemala Use of Tableau Software. LINK Not Available
    GU_02 Guatemala Secondary analysis of DHS data. LINK Not Available
    GU_03 Guatemala Gender and equity. LINK Not Available
    GU_04 Guatemala Child growth monitoring using R. LINK Not Available
    GU_05 Guatemala Use of Excel. LINK Not Available
    GU_06 Guatemala Use of governance index App. LINK Not Available
    GU_07 Guatemala Public policies and strategies in food security and nutrition. LINK
    GU_08 Guatemala Data analysis using INFOSTAT. LINK
    GU_09 Guatemala Use of data. LINK Not Available
    LA_01 Lao PDR Data Analysis and Statistics. LINK
    LA_02 Lao PDR Using STATA (1). LINK
    LA_03 Lao PDR Using STATA (2). LINK
    LA_04 Lao PDR Nutrition Data Quality Assurance. LINK
    LA_05 Lao PDR Data Analysis and Statistics Part I. LINK
    LA_06 Lao PDR Data Analysis and Statistics Part II. LINK
    LA_07 Lao PDR Data Analysis and Statistics Part III. LINK
    LA_08 Lao PDR Data Analysis and Statistics Part IV. LINK
    LA_09 Lao PDR Using STATA. LINK
    NI_01 Niger Anonymisation des données. LINK
    NI_02 Niger Méthodes d’analyses de données avancées. LINK
    NI_03 Niger Technique rédactionnelles et Publication Assistée par Ordinateur. LINK
    NI_04 Niger Séminaire Parlementaire - Sensibilisation Nutrition + Discussion. LINK
    NI_05 Niger Coaching par les chargés d’appui sectoriels. LINK Not Available
    NI_06 Niger Data Science (animation du site). LINK Not Available
    NI_07 Niger Toolkit de formation sur l’information nutritionnelle. LINK
    NI_08 Niger Gestion et sécurisation des bases de données. LINK
    NI_09 Niger Communication et plaidoyer. LINK
    NI_10 Niger Nutrition Humaine et Diététique. LINK Not Available
    NI_11 Niger Collectes digitalisée (ODK). LINK Not Available
    NI_12 Niger Analyse statistique (analyse descriptive). LINK Not Available
    NI_13 Niger Nutrition Humaine pour les professionnels non nutritionistes (cours du soir). LINK Not Available
    NI_14 Niger Gestion financière (gestionnaire du projet) LINK Not Available
    UG_01 Uganda Data Analysis Coaching and Mentoring. LINK Not Available
    UG_02 Uganda Evidence based nutrition reporting and communication for change. LINK
    UG_03 Uganda Nutrition Programming, Data and information Handling / Management. LINK Not Available
    UG_04 Uganda Nutrition Communication. LINK
    UG_05 Uganda Data Handling & Data Analysis. LINK

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